Sustainability at 3fe: Week 15

11 April 2019

If our sustainability efforts are going to be effective in the long run, it will need everyone in the company to be behind that vision and work together. We’re extremely lucky at 3fe to have such a passionate, quality and purpose-driven bunch of people, and the enthusiasm for becoming more sustainable has been brilliant.

It’s fair to say that our sustainability channel on Slack is probably the most active of them all, and has been great for coordinating our sustainability efforts, but we wanted to get a team together to meet in person, share ideas, and get excited for the work ahead!

On Tuesday nine of us from across the company met to do just that. It was an opportunity to discuss why sustainability matters to 3fe, the long-term goals that we have, and then open it to the floor to discuss the ways in which we could achieve these targets. Everyone had different perspectives depending on where they worked, whether it was the roastery, office, or the various cafes and kitchens. Each person brought things to the table that the rest of us hadn’t even considered, the highlight being an impassioned speech from chef Rob about eggs!


“It’s like being on Ellen”

We decided that everyone would go off and put together three ideas for their location, with a prize for the best one implemented. The hope is that we build up a series of “experiments” across all of the places, and the ones that work can be scaled across the whole company.

It was a fantastic evening with a great buzz, and the momentum will hopefully put our progress into overdrive. We’ll be having plenty of these over the coming months, so we’ll be keeping you up to date on our progress!