Sustainability at 3fe: Week 18

03 May 2019

If you scroll back through previous posts, you’ll see that reducing our waste is a key goal for this year. That applies not only to the waste that we’re disposing of ourselves, through the shops and roastery, but also the waste that we are putting out into the world with our products. Building a more circular system for our products is the key to us being successful in the future, and contributing to a more efficient and sustainable society.

As with every other project, you can’t know where to go unless you know where you’ve come from, so we started with an audit! Roastery Manager Monika conducted a review of the current packaging materials, and the amounts used in 2018. Last year we sent out 5.5 tonnes of waste from the roastery. This was primarily cardboard from boxes and postal wraps, followed by the bags that the coffee comes in, and a smaller amount of ancillary stuff such as tape, bubble wrap, etc.


When looking at reducing the waste generated by our products and building a more circular system, the cardboard and bags are where we could have the biggest impact, in particular with the bags given that they are not recyclable in Ireland. Furthermore, the mailer bags and bubble wrap were highlighted as unnecessary plastic materials in our shipping process.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what we’ve been up to improve this!