Sustainable Energy: Roastery Lighting

06 June 2019

Earlier in the year we talked about sustainable energy at 3fe, and highlighted two main areas; renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Renewable energy still makes up a fairly small part of the Irish grid compared with other European countries (graph-lovers can check out a live feed of the fuel mix here), but we’re delighted to say that since our last post, our energy provider Pinergy is now sourcing 100% of their wholesale energy from renewable sources. We’d also love to be able to generate our own renewable energy, but for that to become a reality, we have to be as energy efficient as possible in our day-to-day operations.

To that end, we’ve been putting various measures into place across the business, and we wanted to let you know about one of the first projects this week.

At the roastery, lighting is one of the main areas where we thought we could make an impact. Although our newer cafes are already fitted with energy efficient lights, the lighting at the roastery is pretty old, some of it is on its last legs, and energy efficiency was definitely not at the forefront of the previous installations! Through Pinergy, we met with eLight, a company specialising in energy efficient lighting. They did an audit and projected that we could reduce energy consumption through lighting by 64%, saving almost 9,500 kilowatts per year, by upgrading the roastery lighting system.

The payback is around 5 years, but for us it’s a no-brainer to make this upgrade, as not only will it reduce our energy consumption from the get-go, it will also eventually generate financial savings that can fund other long-term sustainability projects.

The upgrade is happening next week, and we’ll keep you posted on the energy-saving progress! We’ll also be writing about the other measures we’re putting in place across the business, so keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts over the coming weeks.