Bin It To Win It

11 July 2019
Bin It To Win It

Summers along the canal in Dublin are bittersweet: it's great fun and everyone enjoys hanging out in the sun, but more often than not, the mess that gets left behind is pretty terrible and leaves locals fed up. Our pals at Bodytonic are running their great 'Bin It To Win It' campaign to keep the canal clean again this summer.

To try and encourage people to keep the canal clean from bottles and cans, they have special Bin It To Win It bags that you can fill with cans or bottles and bring back to MVP or The Bernard Shaw, and in return you'll get a free pint! It's a great initiative that hopefully has a big effect on the tidiness of the area so that everyone can continue to get the most out of the canal over the next few months.

We have stock of the bags at our Sussex Terrace shop, so if you're heading past us on the way to the canal you can pick one up!

More info about the campaign here.