Event: Black Eagle Gravitech Launch

15 April 2015

Over the years we’ve worked very closely with Nuova Simonelli and also their sister company Victoria Arduino with whom we have been building a strong distribution relationship over the years. I myself was fortunate enough to be involved in the Mythos grinder project and so when we were asked last year to be one of four cafes worldwide to test their new Gravimetric Black Eagle we, of course, jumped at the chance.

The gravimetric system utilises weighing scales in the drip tray to allow you to accurately control your espresso extraction by setting target weights in advance. We have been hugely impressed with the technology and were delighted to be part of the secret testing phase which has been ongoing for the last 6 months right under your noses.

As distributors of the Gravimetric Black Eagle we are delighted to host a launch event at 3fe on Friday 24th of April at 3fe on Grand Canal Street. After a quick presentation we’ll give you the chance to play with the new machine and there’ll also be a few drinks and nibbles for those attending.

The machine is built to accommodate various different brewing parameters and so we’ll have a few different coffees pulling at different specs on the night to demonstrate this.

The event is free to attend but limited to 30 places so make sure to reserve your ticket here for what will no doubt be a very popular event. The show kicks off at 7.30pm, hope to see you there.