Grand Canal Street

Grand Canal Street

Conveniently located on the southern edge of Dublin city, just inside the Grand Canal, 3fe is a meeting point for coffee lovers from all over the country. 

32 Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2

Monday—Friday, 7.30am—5.30pm
Saturday—Sunday, 8.00am—6.00pm

Sussex Terrace

Sussex Terrace

Just outside the Grand Canal, 3fe Sussex Terrace accommodates take-away coffees alongside a showroom of espresso machines and a store carrying 3fe merchandise, coffee and brewing equipment.

7 Sussex Mews, Sussex Terrace, Dublin 4

Monday—Friday, 7.30am—4.00pm
Saturday—Sunday, 9.00am—4.00pm


We’ve built our reputation on coffee but people are often surprised to find that we’re a little obsessed with our food too. The short menu changes weekly and our chefs produce everything fresh on site every day. Menus listed below are served in Grand Canal Street.


Served from 7.30am—12.00pm Monday—Friday

PBJ Porridge
Milk pinhead and rolled oats, peanut butter, banana chips, berry compote.
Yogurt Pot
Vanilla yogurt, roast plums, almond clusters.
Scrambled Eggs
Creamy eggs, greens, sunflower seed pesto, parmesan, sourdough toast
Served with bacon, salted caramel and butter.
Sourdough Toast
Almond butter / Irish butter / 3fe marmalade


Bacon €2.25
Avocado €1.80
Egg €2
Toast €1.50


Served from 9.00am—3.30pm Daily

Green Eggs and Ham
Pork shoulder, spinach, poached egg, herb creme fraiche, jus, sourdough toast.
Roast apple, honey butter, salted caramel, toasted seeds, lemon balm
Creamy Mushroom Toast
Autumnal mushrooms cooked with caramelised onions and pepper sauce, parmesan, fried egg, spinach, sourdough toast.
Avocado Toast
Sliced avocado, tomato jam, spinach, poached egg, roast garlic oil, sourdough toast.
Yogurt Pot
Vanilla yogurt, roasted plums, almond clusters, lemon balm.

Add-ons €2

Poached egg

Sides €3.50

Potato Hash
Chilli and Peanut Slaw


Served from 12.00pm—3.30pm Monday—Friday

Sweet Potato and Lentil Red Curry
Red curry spices, braised sweet potato and lentil, peshwari naan.
Pork and Mushroom Toast
Pan fried pork and mushrooms, pepper sauce, sourdough toast, parmesan, fried egg.
Lamb Croquettes
Giant cous cous salad, roasted red pepper, anchovy emulsion.
Leek and Potato Soup
Served with cheesy bread and garlic oil

Sandwiches €6.50 t/a €7 eat-in

Beef, coriander mayo, pickled slaw
Chicken, sun-dried tomato mayo, slaw