3fe Yard Sale at Sussex Terrace: January 5th to 10th

02 January 2018
3fe Yard Sale at Sussex Terrace: January 5th to 10th

We recently did a bit of a spring clean (in winter) at 3fe and at the end of it all had amounted a pile of coffee equipment that we felt was probably due for moving on. Some of it is unused excess stock, some are ex-demo machines, some have been used and retired from our shops while others are just odd bits that we've collected along the way.

So what we've decided to do is hold a yard sale at Sussex Terrace and get rid of the whole lot at knockdown prices. The list is long and varied and includes everything from filter papers to syphon brewers to espresso machines and everything in between. At the top of this list are a range of machines and grinders such as:

  • Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3 2 group
  • Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II 3 group
  • Nuova Simonelli Mythos
  • Mahlkonig PeakMahlkonig K30

In the mid range we have a few items like:

  • Marco Filtro Shuttle
  • Mahlkonig Vario
  • VST Refractometres
  • Perg Tamps

...and in the lower end (possibly free to a good home) range we have:

  • 3fe Scales T-shirts
  • Water damaged books
  • Brewing equipment with damaged boxes
  • 3fe wooden serving boards
  • Coffee jute bags

All items go on sale this Friday at Sussex Terrace and everything is gonna be at rock bottom prices so if you're a home brewer or own a coffee business that needs some extra gear pop by and do some haggling.

If you're a wholesale customer who can't make it up you can give one of our whoesale team a shout or email them [email protected] for info on whats going. The sale will last until Wednesday 10th January and we're looking forward to shifting everything on offer. Hope to see you there!