Sustainability at 3fe: Week 2

10 January 2019

At this stage many of you are already employing a reusable coffee cup to get your daily take away coffee. This is by far the most sustainable way to get your morning pick-me-up and last week we introduced a 15c discount to those using a reusable cup. This week as part of our sustainability update, we're looking to build on that using a very similar system, but for coffee beans.

As part of our ongoing programme to reduce waste and packaging at 3fe, we will now be offering discounts of €1 on every 250g of beans purchased if you bring your own container or bag. This is essentially taking the widely adopted system being used for take away cups and using it for beans.

It's up to you what you bring along but anything from a tupperware box to a ziplock bag will do but we definitely recommend something thats air tight and opaque to prolong the life of your beans. If you can force air out of by compressing it then all the better.

By discounting coffee beans to those who bring their own vessel we believe it creates high-impact and user-friendly solution to unnecessary packaging. Initially you'll be able to choose from 3 or 4 coffees that we have on bar but as the years progresses we'll look to widen the choices available to you.

This is a small but significant step for us in coffee packaging and one that we hope to build on in the coming weeks and months. We will update you again next week on more steps we are taking to reduce waste and ultimately become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business.