New Coffees

17 June 2019
New Coffees

We have had a busy few weeks in the roastery and are thrilled to let you know that we have a host of new coffees on the list. These are all coffees that we have a particular connection to at 3fe and are the first of the summer's fresh harvest coffees.

We have coffee from the Karogoto mill in Kenya that our Production Manager Simon visited back in 2016, plus the return of the ever-amazing coffees from Alejandro Martinez in El Salvador. We have had coffees from the Los Mangos plot on his farm since it was voted the favourite by 3fe customers back in 2013, and we've also been delighted to host him here in Dublin a few times. He's a really thoughtful and innovative farmer, and the washed and natural bourbons currently available are the perfect showcase. Finally, the washed pacas from Sunzita is another welcome return, joining the amazing Brazilians and Bolivians already on offer.

We are so proud to have these coffees on the list and have plenty more additions planned for the summer, continuing next week. Keep a look out!

Kenya - Karogoto AB: Washed, SL28 & SL34
Raspberry, lime, redcurrant.

The Karogoto Mill is owned by a well-known co-op called the Tekangu Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society, near the small town of Karatina in Nyeri. We visited the mill in 2016, which is one of three owned by the co-op, and are really glad to be able to share some of their coffee with you. It's really bright and fruity - exactly what we're looking for from a Kenyan coffee!

El Salvador - Finca Argentina: Los Mangos, Natural, Bourbon
Brown sugar, pineapple, melon.

Alejandro Martinez applies a forward-thinking approach to coffee farming at Argentina. As well as dividing his farm into distinct plots, he also processes the coffee in different ways. This is the bourbon variety from the Los Mangos plot, but processed naturally, with the cherries left to dry in the sun. This gives the coffee a much fuller body and a slight booziness. Try this alongside the washed version to compare!

El Salvador - Los Mangos: Washed, Bourbon
Milk chocolate, green apple, peach.

The first of the 2019 harvest from El Salvador is from a highly progressive farmer, Alejandro Martinez. On top of experimenting with organic approaches such as biochar, Alejandro's farm is separated into plots with distinct characteristics. We've had the washed bourbon from the Los Mangos plot every year since 2013, and we're delighted to welcome it back.

El Salvador - Sunzita: Washed, Pacas
Milk chocolate, ripe peach, pecan.

Mauricio and Mary Ortiz run the El Sunzita farm together: Mauricio looks after the farming, using organic practices wherever possible. Mary manages the finance and logistics of the business. They grow three varieties on the farm, and the pacas is a mutation of bourbon specific to El Salvador with a rich history in specialty coffee.