Maximising Efficiency In Your Coffee Shop

13 August 2019

Every coffee shop owners dream is to be so busy that there are queues out the door at peak times. There’s nothing wrong with a queue, it’s a great sign of a busy cafe, and is likely to draw customers in rather than scare them away, but it does become a problem when wait times become unreasonable. If this is the case, it’s time to reassess your bar and systems in order to get coffee out quicker.

But, it's not only busy cafes that need to look at improving speed and efficiency in their cafe, as I’m sure we’ve all had that experience when you’ve entered an overstaffed cafe with little to no queue, where workers appear to be working frantically at full speed, yet your wait time is long, and often orders end up mislaid or mixed up. These experiences lead customers to lose trust and patience with the cafe, feel uncomfortable with the hectic energy in the cafe and less likely to return, regardless of the quality of the end product they receive.

You want your customer to feel at ease when they walk into your cafe, that staff appear calm and in total control of the situation and that even if queues are out the door, they know from past experiences that their wait time won’t be so long that they’re late to work.

Over the past number of years, there have been many great developments in coffee equipment designed specifically to increase speed on bar, many of which we use in our locations for that exact purpose, but step one when looking to improve efficiency in your cafe should always start with the systemic upgrades, and if after that you still think speed and flow could be improved, begin to look at equipment upgrades. We’ve listed a mixture of both below:

Assigned roles for your staff

Foolproof ordering and serving system

Well trained staff

Using smart equipment

If you are looking for speciality coffee and the best equipment available for your start up or existing business you can contact us directly to discuss the options available. Check out our 3fe Wholesale Page or message us at [email protected]