Our Wholesale Ordering And Coffee Roasting Process

14 August 2019

When do we roast your coffee?

Over the years we have strived to make everything as sustainable and as efficient as possible when it comes to ordering for the coffee shops and businesses that we work with. So much effort at every stage goes into growing, importing and roasting our coffee and we want to make sure that the same attention to detail goes into getting coffee to the coffee shops that we work with as freshly and as quickly as possible

Our green coffee buyer, Stephen Leighton, makes sure that we source the highest quality coffee grown in the world. Stephen has built many mutually beneficial relationships with the best coffee producers across the globe. It is very important that we pay a higher premium for green coffee to ensure the farmers and producers we buy our coffee from are paid well, and deservedly so, for producing the best specialty grade green beans.

After our green coffee makes its journey around the world to our Roastery in Dublin, our team works tirelessly to roast great coffee. We are always tasting, tweaking and testing to ensure that the most is gotten from each lot we buy and we do this great coffee justice. As a team of former baristas, both our wholesale and roasting teams are heavily invested in producing excellent roasts to ensure equally amazing cups of coffee.

Seasonality and roasting

To make our roasting and ordering process as user friendly and sustainable as possible, we developed a bespoke 3fe Wholesale Website. This gives the businesses we work with access to our full list of coffees, which is always growing and changing. As coffee comes into season in different parts of the world you'll see our offering adapting to reflect that. While we always have a selection of in seasonal single origin coffees, our blends remain consistent. Momentum and Malarkey, our two blends, have a consistent flavour profile in mind, although the constituent components of the blends will change throughout the year to meet that particular flavour.

On the 3fe Wholesale Website you will also be able to select from our full range of equipment which varies from books, retail coffee, grinders and brewers as well as an exhaustive list of spare parts and brewing equipment, and wholesale training packages.

Quickest possible turnaround

When an order is placed it goes directly to our roastery where it is processed and will be roasted and dispatched the next working day. We roast five days a week, so we do not pull your coffee off a shelf, we roast specially to order. Once your coffee is ready to go, it is packed and dispatched daily by our courier service who delivers it to you, in Ireland, usually the following day. This ensures that you and your customers always get the freshest coffee possible!

So, if you place your order on a Monday, your coffee will be specially roasted for you on Tuesday morning, packaged and dispatched on Tuesday afternoon and arrive to your business on Wednesday.

If you are looking for speciality coffee and the best equipment available for your start up or existing business you can contact us directly to discuss the options available. Check out our 3fe Wholesale Page or message us at [email protected]