Coffee Machine Maintenance and Support

15 August 2019

As anyone who’s familiar with 3fe will know, for as long as we’ve been around, we’ve been partners with the Simonelli Group, and more specifically the Victoria Arduino section of their business. Having set out in 1905 under Mr Pier Teresio Arduino, they have been on a relentless mission to create the ultimate espresso machine, and since our beginnings in 2009 we’ve proudly been part of that mission.

We worked most notably with Simonelli on the game-changing coffee grinder, the Mythos One, which is still the most revered piece of equipment anybody serving coffee can have at their disposal, as well as incredible forward thinking projects like the VA388, Black Eagle espresso machine.

Through the years of working and building the relationship with our Italian friends, we’ve been lucky to have attained an intimate knowledge of the full range of their equipment, their espresso machines and grinders, constantly being in touch with their engineers, R&D team and support network. Really, there can be very few other coffee roasteries who have a deeper knowledge of the equipment they supply than us and we genuinely feel so lucky to have that relationship and shared knowledge.

With that in mind, you might then come to understand how we offer service and support to our customers. We stock a range of Victoria Arduino machines and grinders, as well as all the necessary parts. We also work very closely with our service partners to ensure regular machine and grinder services, as well as onsite and off-site repair work.

As with everything we do here in 3fe, quality takes precedence, so as well as a unique position in our work with Victoria Arduino, we also demand the highest standard of service provided by the technicians we work with. This means we work on a customer first model, meaning the technical team will work around our customer, rather than the other way around - which for many years was the norm in the world of machine maintenance.

To our mind, no customer should be left without the fundamental ability to serve coffee and to keep their business switched on, so we make it our mission to make sure that never happens. Talk to us at [email protected] to find out more about the range of Victoria Arduino coffee machinery and equipment we supply, as well as the after sales service we offer to customers.

If you are looking for speciality coffee and the best equipment available for your start up or existing business you can contact us directly to discuss the options available. Check out our 3fe Wholesale Page or message us at [email protected]