So You Want To Open A Coffee Shop?

23 January 2020

Over the years at 3fe we've helped countless people all over the country open coffee shops and even opened a few of them ourselves. In that time we've seen and made many mistakes but also, thankfully, had a few triumphs along the way too. With every new shop opening comes a new set of learnings and we decided recently to find a way to pass all those learnings on, and have a bit of fun doing it too!

On Saturday 29th of February we'll be hosting an event entitled "So You Want to Open a Coffee Shop?" aimed primarily at those people who are thinking of taking the leap but have a few questions they'd like answered first. We'll cover everything from from finding a location, to hiring staff to fitting out your location and everything in between.

We're capping the numbers at 50 tickets so we can keep it nice and interactive and we're hosting it at the 3fe roastery in Glasnevin. Every participant will also get a copy of "What I Know About Running Coffee Shops" to take home with them. So if you've ever dreamed of opening your own coffee shop but you don't know where to start, then this is the event for you.


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