DiFluid: Budget Friendly Precision Brewing Tools

01 November 2023
DiFluid: Budget Friendly Precision Brewing Tools


To brew the best cup of coffee, consistency is paramount! Luckily, there are precision coffee tools available to help you track your progress. DiFluid has developed budget friendly Microbalance and R2 Refractometer that work with their DiFuild Cafe software to make precision brew logging easy and accessible to all. If you're been looking for barista coffee tools, you want something more advanced but also affordable, refractometers and coffee scales can really take your brewing to the next level.

What is a Refractometer?

Customized for the coffee industry and devoted coffee lovers, coffee refractometers are precision brewing tools for gauging the level of solubles present in a brewed coffee. By outputting an in-depth analysis on the extraction quality of coffee, refractometers play a vital role in achieving precise coffee brewing. The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) indicates the strength of coffee solubles, including sugars, acids, and bitter compounds.

By gauging TDS, the extraction yield can be calculated, revealing the percentage of coffee grounds that have successfully dissolved into the water while brewing. With accurate measurements of TDS and extraction yield, we are able to adjust the brewing parameters and retain a consistent taste profile across various brews. These brewing parameters include your grind sizes, brew times, water temperatures, and coffee-to-water ratios. Minor changes to these will help you find the perfect brewing method for your taste preferences, avoiding weak and sour coffee from under-extraction, or bitter and astringent coffee from over-extraction.

Who needs to use a Refractometer?

The solubility levels of coffee beans may differ, meaning each type of bean may demand specific brewing techniques for optimal flavor. To ensure consistent quality, many coffee shops and roasters frequently utilize refractometers. By analyzing the chemical makeup of coffee, we are provided with valuable information on a coffees brew. With this knowledge, you can adjust your brewing process to emphasize certain flavor notes or alter the intensity of your coffee. Most coffee shops will use a refractometer to ensure the espresso shots from their machine is consistent and reaches a standard that they are happy to serve to their customers.

DiFluid R2 Refractometer, affordable and accurate.

One thing that we love about the R2 Refractometer is that it's accessible for everyone! With an upgraded colour display and an accuracy of ±0.03%, you can easily view your data with scores and graphs provided on screen. The new 2D sensor built-in provides a big step up from the previous R1 model. Additionally, because it is lightweight at only 36g, waterproof and comes with a rechargeable battery, you can use it without any worries about wires or cables. Plus, the box contains a type-C charging cable, a coffee spoon, and a protective pouch alongside the R2 Refractometer itself. All you need to do is make a nice brew and get stuck into measuring!

DiFluid R2 Refractometer

Why do I need a coffee scales?

Ensuring the correct balance between coffee and water is essential for achieving the perfect cup of coffee. By using a coffee scales, you can precisely determine the necessary amount of coffee and water for your preferred brewing technique. This not only guarantees consistency, but also produces a delicious, well-rounded flavor with each brew. Having a precise approach is crucial in achieving consistency. By utilizing a coffee scales, you can consistently recreate the same brewing technique, which is vital in preserving the distinct taste and excellence of your coffee. This is especially significant for pour-over methods such as the V60 or Chemex.

Inaccurate measurement of water can lead to a bitter taste, while too little or too much water can result in a sour taste. A coffee scales allows you to measure the perfect amount of water and keep track of the brewing time, preventing these common mistakes. Scales can be helpful when you're brewing individual cups or specific serving sizes, you can precisely measure the amount of coffee and water needed for your desired serving size.

Many coffee scales come equipped with a tare feature that enables you to reset the weight to zero once you've placed a brewing device or container on it. This function makes it simpler to measure both coffee and water separately. Additionally, there are coffee scales that have a timer built in or can be paired with external timers, making it convenient to keep track of the brewing time, specifically for methods like pour-over or espresso shots. Have a tare function and timer onboard your coffee scales makes brewing much easier, especially when you're trying to perfectly pour your water over the coffee grounds using a kettle.

What makes the DiFluid Microbalance Scales different?

The Microbalance takes a more modern approach to digital coffee scales. Using the DiFuild Cafe companion app, you can easily record data with the Microbalance and view it in the form of a helpful chart. You can even just use it as a traditional precision coffee scale with the standard tare and timer functions right onboard the scales. With the DiFluid Microbalance being battery-operated, you get a type-C charging cable in the box, alongside a heat-insulating silicon mat.

DiFluid Microbalance Scale

You can have both the Microbalance and the R2 Refractometers delivered to your front door when you order online or find them in one of our cafes today!


What is a Refractometer?

A refractometer is a precision coffee making tool that measures the concentration of solubles in a coffee brew.

How does a Refractometer work?

A refractometer operates on the principle of measuring the bending (refraction) of light as it passes through a liquid. When light moves through a drop of coffee, the extent of bending in its path is determined by the concentration of these substances in the liquid.

Do I need a refractometer for home coffee brewing?

Whether or not a refractometer is necessary for home coffee brewing will vary based on your level of interest and commitment to achieving high-quality coffee. While refractometers are not essential for everyone, they can be beneficial for passionate coffee lovers seeking to elevate their brewing abilities, gain a deeper understanding of coffee extraction, and customize their brews for specific flavor experiences.

Why do you need a coffee scale when brewing coffee?

Brewing with a coffee scales allows you to weigh the weight of coffee grounds and water while you brew. Using a coffee scales opens you up to experimenting with different brewing methods or simply for following brew guides.

What functions does the DiFluid Microbalance offer?

Simple functions such as weight tearing and a timer are included in the Microbalance. What makes the Microbalance special is the use of the DiFluid companion app for your own detailed brew tracking.