Shooting The Breeze with Colin & Steve: Coffee List Chat

21 December 2023

Episode 1

Starting off our series of monthly coffee rundown videos, Top Dog Colin Harmon virtually linked up with fabled coffee guru and outstanding green buyer for 3fe, Steve Leighton for an in depth discussion on our current list of coffees as well as everything that goes on in the background of 3fe's coffee sourcing, from Steve’s relationships with the producers we work with to Colin’s unmatched grasp of the Spanish language - It’s a thrilling watch.

But in all seriousness, for those of you who are a part of the specialty coffee world, whether an avid drinker or skilled barista, roaster, keyboard warrior - this is an interesting look at the lengths these skilled farmers go to, in order to produce such exquisite coffee.

Anecdote led, this conversation is a real eye opener for anyone interested in finding out more about what goes into our coffees production and processing, roasting and brewing. It’s great to see Colin and Steve have the craic as well after all these years, we thought they hated each other!

At 3fe, we have been lucky enough to work with a huge roster of farmers and producers, receiving their lots, year on year and in turn, having the chance to know these coffees inside and out. These connections we have with each and every farmer would not exist without the hard work of Steve, who made it his life's work to travel the world and meet all these incredible people.

So it’s no surprise to say that Colin and Steve’s chat has some pearls of wisdom for anyone who enjoys our coffees. If you’ve been a fan of what we offer, make sure to watch this and learn about who it is that creates it. Farmers like the Mierisch family, Rodriguez family, De Silva family and more, a part of a larger community of dedicated farmers who have not only built the foundations of the speciality coffee industry, but allowed it to thrive. All exemplary producers who have defined this era of coffee.

Episode 1 Out Now, lap it up like a lovely cup.