Los Chorros - A Culmination of Flavour.

29 January 2024
Los Chorros - A Culmination of Flavour.

Colombia - Los Chorros: Washed, Bourbon Aji & Gesha.

We've eagerly awaited this moment – let's give a warm welcome to the Colombia Los Chorros Bourbon Washed Aji & Gesha, a mouthful in more ways than one.

Finca Los Chorros, owned by Carmen Elisa Sanjuan and Efren Albeiro Erazo, is located in Bruselas, Huila, 1,760 metres above sea level. We've been receiving coffee from this star duo for years now and their coffee has always impressed us. This year, we're lucky enough to receive this sensational lot, which has been a passion project of Carmen Elisa San Juan. Composed of the rare Aji & Gesha varieties, this coffee is a flavour explosion that boasts a luscious texture and mouth watering juiciness. With exuberant acidities and floral, Raspberry aromatics, the coffee is rounded nicely by its rich, heady sweetness. Halleluiah!

Colombia - Los Chorros: Washed, Bourbon Aji & Gesha.

Through the eye of Dario Triviño, the artist-origin bag expresses the flavours that come out of colombia!

The Farmers: Carmen and Efren's Journey

Carmen and Efren's story is as captivating as the coffee they cultivate. After establishing their life on Efren's farm, they embarked on a journey to grow exceptional coffee. Shifting their focus to refining operations, they aimed to produce specialty-level lots. With the guidance of a trusted neighbour and friend, they quickly reached their full potential, delving into the nuances and intricacies of their farm. Their commitment to identifying the best practices for top-quality coffee is a testament to their dedication.

Carmen Elisa San Juan, the driving force behind this year's exceptional lot, is no stranger to the world of coffee. Her passion project has resulted in a coffee that reflects dedication, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence.


Variety Spotlight: Bourbon Aji's Journey from Ethiopia to Colombia

While we all adore the Gesha variety for its vibrant acidity and fruity notes, let's shift our focus to a hidden gem – the Bourbon Aji variety. Discovered in Colombia, it stunned the organisers of the Colombian Cup of Excellence by revealing its roots in the wild coffee forests of Ethiopia. How this coffee made its journey to Colombia remains a mystery. Speculations suggest it was taken from a decommissioned regional research lab during political turbulence. Workers, bidding farewell to these labs, took parting gifts of coffee seeds, planting them on their farms or selling them, often in unlabelled bags.


The Result: A Coffee of Spice, Sweetness, and Acidity

The culmination of this fascinating journey is a coffee that is somewhat spicy, sweet, and oh-so-acidic. Bourbon Aji serves as a bridge between Ethiopia's rich coffee history and the vibrant landscapes of Colombian farms, bringing forth a unique and captivating flavour profile.

In the world of coffee, every cup tells a story, and the Colombia Los Chorros Bourbon Washed Aji & Gesha lot is no exception. From Carmen and Efren's journey to the discovery of the Bourbon Aji variety, each element contributes to the unique narrative woven into every sip. Cheers to the farmers, the varieties, and the endless possibilities that a cup of coffee can unfold! How to brew this coffee ? We would recommend giving this coffee the attention it deserves and brewing it up in a V60 so you can take in the full flavours and tasting notes!