Sharro - A Returning Goldie!

06 February 2024
Sharro - A Returning Goldie!

Ethiopia - Sharro: Natural, Indigenous Varieties is back and better than ever! This mouth-watering coffee debuted on our list last year, courtesy of Israel Degfa, who is known to be the driving force behind the thriving specialty coffee industry in Ethiopia.

This coffee is a perfect example of an Ethiopian Natural, full of berry sweetness, tea like tannins and a rich and warming booziness. It's undeniably wonderful!

Ethiopia - Sharro: Natural, Indigenous Varieties

Artist origin bag designed by Fanuel Leul Girma

Sharro Washing Station

The Sharro Washing Station, owned by Israel Degfa, goes beyond just producing standout coffees. It actively invests in the local community by supporting the local school and practicing environmentally responsible coffee production as a Rainforest Alliance certified facility. Farmers delivering cherries to Sharro are registered, entitled to second payments, and premiums. The washing station also provides valuable training to farmers on composting, pruning, and mulching, contributing to both quality and yield. The unique cold location and high altitude of Israel's washing stations contribute to the slow maturation, fermentation, and drying processes, resulting in exceptional coffee.

The Farmer - About Israel Degfa:

Israel Degfa, a true pioneer in the Ethiopian coffee industry, grew up surrounded by coffee as his parents were deeply involved in various aspects of coffee production. Today, he not only manages the renowned Ana Sora estate but also owns the Sharro Washing Station, located near Bule Hora in the Sidamo region. Israel's dedication to improving the setup at washing stations and enhancing consistency in coffee production reflects his commitment to supporting local growers and elevating the quality of Ethiopian coffee.

Carmen Elisa Sanjuan | Stories | Caravela Coffee

Photographed: Israel Degfa

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffees are celebrated worldwide for their vibrant fruity and flowery characteristics, complex taste nuances, light to medium body, and strong acidity. The unique processing techniques used in Ethiopia contribute to creating sensational lots, making Ethiopian coffees some of the most sought after globally.

The Results

This coffee is a perfect example of an Ethiopian Natural, full of berry sweetness, tea like tannins and a wonderfully rich and warming booziness.

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