Treasure from La Soledad - a Guatemalan tale

26 March 2024
Treasure from La Soledad - a Guatemalan tale

La Soledad returns to the list once again with their sensational washed Gesha, courtesy of the Perez family. For those who are fans of the variety, this lot hits the nail on the head in terms of profile. The coffee is sweet, floral and aromatic, with a lovely body and vibrant acidity to boot!

La Soledad

Situated in the heart of the Acatenango region, Finca La Soledad flourishes from a unique microclimate and fertile volcanic soil, ideal for cultivating high-quality coffee with distinct characteristics. Spanning 90 hectares, with 45 dedicated to coffee production and the remainder preserved as natural forest, the farm reflects the Perez family's dedication to continually enhancing their processing methods to maximise coffee quality. La Soledad is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and consistently exceptional coffees, earning numerous awards in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence and garnering international acclaim in the specialty coffee community.

Guatemala La Soledad Washed Gesha

Washed Gesha - From €15

Who Grew It?

The Perez family have been growing coffee at La Soledad since 1895. Under the supervision of Raul Perez, the farm has increasingly focused on producing specialty coffees, with on-site milling becoming standard practice. Employing traditional washed processing methods, manually practised from harvesting to drying, the Perez family's commitment to quality is evident. Their recent investment in an on-site lab also enables them to directly cup & assess the quality of all their coffees.

Finca La Soledad Farmers Picking Coffee Cherries

What is a Gesha?

Originating from the Gori Gesha Forest in Ethiopia, the Gesha variety is now cultivated in coffee-growing regions worldwide. Its allure lies in its distinct floral profile complemented by a juicy, sweet acidity. Despite yielding lower quantities compared to other varieties, Gesha's exclusivity adds to its appeal.