City Guide to London

07 March 2024
City Guide to London

A guide for the friends of 3fe

A city guide to London from our friend James Hennebry, Founder, CEO, sometimes Barista at Rosslyn.

“London has incredible scope, all the time. From leading restaurants, theatre, gigs, exhibitions, sport, markets, museums and, not least, coffee shops. Never a dull moment etc.”

Tell us about where you work?

Established in 2018, Rosslyn is a collection of three award-winning, high volume specialty coffee shops located within the City of London. All three sites are now amongst the busiest specialty coffee shops in the world and bring together industry leaders from various fields to represent their work under one roof.

My business partner, Mat Russell, hails from Australia while I grew up in Kilkenny, Ireland, and Rosslyn is a coming together of the hospitality styles of both these countries. All the high standards and attention to detail of the great Australian café, combined with all the warmth and hospitality of the great Irish pub.

Your Top Recommendations

5 places for Coffee ?

Paradox Coffee
Nagare Coffee

Brunch, Snacks, & Food?


One place for Brunch - Esters

Juliet's Quality Foods

One Place for lunch - Juliet's Quality Foods

Pleasant Lad Jian Bing

Place for a casual snack/treat? - Pleasant Lady Jian Bing

Casual Dining & Fine Dining?


Place for casual dinner - Akub


Place for fine dining dinner - Mountain

Beer & Wine?


One place for Wine - Trivet

The Axe

One place for Beer - The Axe

Which area to stay in?


One Cultural Activity?

- Check out London's great markets. Beyond Borough and Portobello you can find Maltby St, Broadway, Netiol Victoria Park, Columbia Road and Chatsworth Road

One fitness activity?

- Run the parks

What's the one thing people need to know about your town/city before they arrive?

- Public transport and cycling is the best way to get about town

What should people definitely not do in your town/city that everyone always does?

- Avoid Leicester Sq, Oxford St and all that

Best atmosphere in your city?

- Still think there's a lot to be said for a gig at Ronnie Scotts followed by Trisha's

Best time to come?

- July when Wimbledon is in full flow. The city has a magic to it during that fortnight

The best view of your city?

- Primrose Hill