Introducing - Rwanda Dukundekawa Mbilima

19 April 2024
Introducing - Rwanda Dukundekawa Mbilima

We’re thrilled to welcome the Dukundekawa Mbilima to our list - A downright delicious Rwandan coffee, if we do say so! This is the first time we've had a lot from Dukundekawa & we're delighted to be sharing it with you.


Dukundekawa Co-operative

Since being established in 2000, the Dukunde Kawa Musasa Cooperative has been growing coffee near a mountainside gorilla habitat at approximately 1,800 metres above sea level, in Rwanda's North-West Gakenke district. This progressive co-op employs a predominantly female workforce and by growing specialty coffee for the global market, ensures significant benefits for local families.

By 2003, the co-op constructed a washing station and in return for this support, the Dukunde Kawa allocates 10 percent of its annual net profits to finance the establishment of additional washing stations across Rwanda. The long distance between farmers and the washing station Ruli was affecting the coffee quality, so by 2005, the Mbilima station was erected in a bid to assist farmers who faced these challenges in their commute. By developing a facility closer to the farmers, Dukundekawa was able to fix this logistical issue and keep the quality of their coffee to a high standard.

Rwanda - Dukundekawa Mbilima: Honey, Bourbon - Yellow 250g Bag

Notes: Black currant, acacia honey, earl grey - €13

What to expect?

The Dukundekawa Mbilima is a Honey processed Bourbon that boasts a sweet tartness, lovely florality and an aromatic hint of citrus. In the cup, we noted Blackcurrant, Acacia honey and Earl Grey.