How to make Aeropress Coffee

24 April 2024

The Aeropress is an easy-go-to brewer. It’s simple to use, quick and clean.

What you need

  • Aeropress
  • Coffee Beans
  • Grinder
  • Hot Water
  • Stirrer/Spoon
  • Timer
  • Cup/Server to brew into
How to make Aeropress Coffee Poster

There are a few different ways to brew up the Aeropress but our preferred way is the inverse method. We find making it this way you have more control and flexibility over the brewing process.

Inverted Aeropress with server and spoon

Assemble Your Brewer: Let’s start by assembling your brewer. Place it upside down with the plunger at the bottom, then pre heat and rinse.

2 Aeropress Filters in Cap

Filter Papers: Next, take the cap and pop in your filter paper, wet them in the cap this ensures they stay in place and also removes any papery taste. We generally like to use 2 filter papers, by doing this less sediment and oils will enter the cup giving it a higher clarity of flavour and overall cleaner cup.

Aeropress on coffee scale

Place Your Aeropress On Your Scales: We would always recommend purchasing a scale that has a precision of 0.1g as well as a built-in timer. These things help with the overall brewing experience but if you don’t have a scale with a timer no need to worry you can always just use a watch or phone.

15g of coffee in dosing cup

15 Grams of Coffee: Right, so we have gotten this far, next up you want to pop in 15 grams of coffee to the brewer, reset your scales, and then start to fill your brewer to the brim with hot water. The best thing with the Aeropress is that you don’t have to have any fancy kettle you can just straight up use your home kettle. This is a selling point unlike other brewers where you will need a gooseneck kettle this makes it super accessible and less fussy.

Aeropress filled with 230g water

230g of Water: Once you have filled it to the brim it should weigh on your scales in and around 230g of water. We weigh everything in grams here because 1g is equal to 1 ml if you're measuring pure water.

Aeropress Stirrer Spoon stirring agitation

Agitation: Continuing on you want to give the brew some slight agitation. Taking a spoon or the plastic stirrer that comes with the kit, gently break the crust. Do this by going back and forth and side to side ensuring no coffee is stuck to the bottom of the brewer.

Aeropress with coffee pressed

Attach Cap: Move the brewer off your scales, and attach the cap with your 2 filter papers in it. At 40 seconds push out the air by holding onto the sides, pushing until there are no more bubbles on the cap surface.

Aeropress on Aeropress Server

Here’s the scary bit.

Taking your brewer in one smooth motion, flip it over onto either your cup or a server.

Wait until your timer reaches 1 minute 30 seconds. At this point press firmly but slowly down on your Aeropress this should take about 30 seconds.

If you rush this part you may find that the coffee can shoot out from the cap.

Serve and enjoy!