The Batian from Bolivia

21 June 2024
The Batian from Bolivia

Bolivia - Floripondio: Carbonic natural, Batian

Notes: White grape, cranberry juice, caramel.

A very juicy & layered flavour profile, that has an intense complex acidity that really makes this coffee shine.

Floripondio gets its name from the Floripondio flowers (Angel’s Trumpet in English) that are native to the area and grow throughout the farm. The flower is thought to possess some hallucinogenic properties, and legend has it that as soon as you lay down beneath a Floripondio tree you start dreaming.


The Farm

Finca Floripondio is another farm from the Rodriguez family, located near Samaipata in Santa Cruz. The Floripondio farm was planted by the Rodriguez family in 2014 in an area not traditionally known for coffee production. Sitting at an altitude of 1,710 meters above sea level, it has 47.29 hectares of coffee-producing land. The high altitude and tropical microclimate, characterized by high humidity and occasionally cool temperatures, make Floripondio an ideal location for experimentation with different coffee varietals. The Rodriguez family has planted over 50 varieties on the farm in an effort to determine which are most suitable to the climate and its distinct soil profile.


Carbonic Natural

Carbonic is a type of fermentation that the cherries undergo before being laid out to dry. It's a process borrowed from winemaking, which creates sui generis (one of a kind) flavors. The cherries are placed in a sealed tank rich in carbon dioxide, undergoing a particular type of anaerobic fermentation. The enzymes inside the fruit break down sugars and other compounds, releasing CO2 and alcohol in the process. This often produces fresh, fruity flavors like cherry and red fruit. Think vino - Beaujolais, Rioja fancy ladies.


Batian Variety

This variety was bred in Kenya by Kenya's coffee institute and released in 2010. It is an extremely adaptable variety that suits most climates and can start producing coffee in its second year, unlike more traditional varieties, which need about three years before production is viable. The Batian variety also has a high level of resistance to rust and disease.

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