Getting Ready for Summer Brews

05 June 2024
Getting Ready for Summer Brews

When we think of summer, we want something fruity, flirty, and light, like a warm breeze in a cup. Whether you're an espresso drinker, a die-hard filter drinker, or you're part of the cold coffee gang, we have something to tickle everybody's fancy.

Flirty El Fuerte 125g bags in the 3fe Roastery

Flirty El Fuerte is a coffee all the way from Bolivia. This is an all-day drinker, if you have ever heard of the likes. It's super crisp, clean, and a perfect cup for these wonderful summer days. Brew it on a V60 to really get the most out of this clean, fresh cup. We only got a very small lot of coffee, so grab it while you can! (Limited availability)

El Salvador - La Ilusion: Natural, Bourbon 250g bags in a 3fe cafe

La Ilusion remains one of our all-time favourites! One of the highest quality natural coffees we have tasted in a long time, this farm is run by the very skilled and dedicated farmer, Ernesto Menéndez. Expect a big, syrupy body, with an intense sweetness and satisfying nuttiness to boot! It’s a dream cup. We wouldn't stray away from getting this on espresso for the summer months.

Bolivia - Los Rodriguez: Pink Honey, Longberry Peaberry 250g bags in the 3fe Roastery

Moving on to another heavy hitter, a wonderful coffee from Bolivia. This one would be a good option for the cold brew gang, but it's equally as tasty as a hot cup of filter! Bolivia, Los Rodriguez, Pink Honey is a very well-balanced and fragrant cup, with a light yet pleasant sweetness. This variety is bursting with unique flavours.

Bolivia - Carmelita: Washed, Caturra 250g bag in a 3fe cafe

Last but in no way least is the wonderful washed Carmelita from Bolivia. This coffee has a lovely creamy mouthfeel, with a soft and sweet fruitiness that really makes this coffee shine. Perfect for your morning brew. This coffee is made even better by the story of the farmer Carmelita Urduv, who has been working in coffee for over 40 years. She raised 8 children all the while looking after and running her farm. She is definitely a superwoman.

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