​Introducing the Aeropress XL

18 October 2023
​Introducing the Aeropress XL

The Aeropress

Invented by Alan Adler, the Aeropress was first introduced to the world in 2005. It’s received critical acclaim worldwide since then and is regarded as one of the most accessible brewing methods by many coffee lovers. The Aeropress uses a plunger similar to a french press but uses a paper filter just like a V60 dripper. But the most important aspect of brewing with the Aeropress, is the air pressure created in the chamber that is then plunged down to push the water through the coffee grounds, and into you cup or carafe. It's a really clean way of brewing and is perfect for anyone who wants a small and tidy setup, but also doesn't want to deal with the mess you would find with a french press.

Since its arrival in 2005 we’ve seen the evolution of Aeropress with the Aeropress Go, and Aeropress Clear. None of which have given us a larger capacity, until now with the Aeropress XL.

Aeropress XL

What’s new?

The Aeropress XL now has the capacity to brew up to 8 cups of coffee. In comparison to the original Aeropress, that's double the amount of coffee in one brew. Due to it's bigger capacity, the size of the Aeropress XL is noticeably different. With the launch of the Aeropress XL has come a new filter paper made specifically for the XL, which has a bigger circumference and come in a pack of 200. Like the standard filter micro-filters they remove grit really well when you are plunging, and as expected the XL filter papers are biodegradable & compostable.


Don't let the XL's size scare you from bringing it out and about, even with its larger format you can take the Aeropress XL anywhere. It’s still compact enough to fit inside your bag for when you need to brew while on a trip away. The Aeropress XL has a sturdy design and is super durable, making it a dependable and long-lasting device for brewing coffee whether that's at home or on the go.

Whats in the box?

The Aeropress XL comes with some nice accessories to get your brewing straight out of the box. First up is the 20 oz Carafe made of the same clear shatterproof Tritan™ that we’ve seen on the Aeropress Clear. The Aeropress XL carafe perfectly fits the signature Aeropress Hex shape so your plunging is much more stable than it would be if you were directly plunging into a mug. Along with the Carafe, you get 100 Aeropress XL paper filters, a newly designed stirrer, and a measuring spoon. Make sure to pick up some extra Aeropress XL Filter Papers, because you never know when you’ll run out!

How to use the Aeropress XL

We love using the inverted method for brewing with all of the Aeropress range. Follow our Aeropress brewing guide for an in depth look at how we get the best out of brewing with the Aeropress XL. Personally, I too use the inverted method of brewing with my Aeropress. One of the issues with this method is that the Aeropress can tip over while you’re pouring and make a big mess. I found that while I was using the Aeropress XL, there wasn’t as much of a risk of the brewer slipping because the XL's wider base provides a little bit more stability compared to the original. What we love about the Aeropress XL is that you can experiment with plenty of brewing methods and get so many different results with such ease.

Aeropress Brew Guide

The Aeropress XL is now available, order online for home delivery or find it in one of our cafes today!


What is an Aeropress brewer?

The Aeropress, a coffee brewing tool created by Alan Adler in 2005, is widely used and favored. Its purpose is to produce a fast and effortless single cup of coffee. It encompasses a cylinder-shaped container, a plunger, a filter cap, and paper microfilters. The Aeropress is recognized for its convenient size and straightforward design.

How does the Aeropress brew?

The Aeropress employs a manual, air-pressure method for brewing. First, ground coffee goes into the chamber, followed by hot water, and then it's all stirred together. Once it brews for a short time, the filter cap is attached with a paper or metal filter, and the plunger goes down. Pushing down with the plunger pushes the coffee through the filter and into a cup, creating a pleasant and convenient brew.

Is there a coffee or grind type best suited for the Aeropress?

It is generally suggested to use a medium to fine grind when using the Aeropress with a variety of coffee beans, as the freshness and quality of the beans also greatly impact the taste of the final product. Our Momentum Blend is a perfect coffee to start brewing with for any brewing method, it's a medium roast packed full of flavours.

Is the Aeropress portable and is it easy to clean?

The Aeropress is very travel-friendly and simple to wash. Its small design and sturdy build make it an excellent companion for your journeys. Cleaning is very straightforward as the coffee grounds can be easily removed and the pieces can be rinsed quickly.

Can the Aeropress make espresso shot?

Although the Aeropress can make a strong coffee similar to espresso, it is not a bona fide espresso machine. Making proper espresso requires precise pressure and temperature control, which the Aeropress is unable to achieve. Nevertheless, the Aeropress can produce a concentrated coffee that can serve as a foundation for espresso-style beverages.

What makes the Aeropress different from other brewing methods?

The key distinction lies in the way the coffee is brewed and the utilization of air pressure. With the Aeropress, you can achieve a more mellow and less acidic cup of coffee thanks to its rapid brewing method and the option to adjust factors such as water temperature and grind size.

Is there a recommended Aeropress brewing method?

There are loads of different ways to brew using the Aeropress. Our brewing guide shows you how to use the inverted method, but there have been many techniques Aeropress users have created. Check out the Aeropress Championship winners recipes for an alternative to the inverted method.